Director of Media Digitization + Preservation
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Bloomington, Indiana
2017 - PRESENT

I direct the technical operations for film digitization as part of the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI), an ambitious $10 million 3-year initiative at Indiana University to make 12,500 hours (24 PB) of digital assets for film available for online access/research. 

I direct all aspects of the technical operations, including quality control, post-production, vendor relations, resource and timeline management, and full-time personnel management. I ensure digital specifications based on international standards are maintained and define parameters with the private partner's, Memnon Archiving Services (a Sony Company), operation on digital preservation expectations and deliverables. I establish and document policies and procedures to ensure efficient and successful operations, including risk assessment. 

I collaborate closely with product developers, MDPI leadership, University IT, library administrative stakeholders, special collections, and vendors to ensure that timelines, goals, and standards are met. I offer organizational design thinking to streamline overall workflow structure, from physical item selection to online streaming services. I provide strategic support for executive leadership, drive forward innovation & solve large scale production and budgetary challenges.

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A Race Against Time to Preserve University Media Collections

29 June 2018 Irreplaceable audio and video recordings from the 20th century are languishing in university collections, deteriorating. Can they be saved?

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Establishing Mass Film Digitization and Preservation at IU

21 February 2018

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IU Selects VidiCert for Film Digitization QC

14 September 2017

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IU, Memnon launch film phase of digitization

21 June 2017